Approved installations (compliance requirements)


All gas installations in Queensland must be undertaken by a licensed gas fitter. After the installation the gas fitter MUST provide the house owner with a compliance certificate and attach a compliance plate to the installation (usually at the cylinder location). This applies to new installations or alterations or extensions to an existing installation.
By issuing a comlience certificate the gas fitter certifies under law that the installation has been undertaken according to the Australian Standard (AS1596) and the Qld Gas Act and regulations. The certificate is your guarantee in event of any faults or problems that may develop after the installation. KEEP THIS CERTIIFCATE IN A SAFE PLACE.
As your gas supplier, GasRUs and all other gas suppliers must be satisfied that the installation is safe before connecting any cylinders and either we must have a copy of the compliance certificate or details from the compliance plate BEFORE COMMENCING SUPPLY. This is important for your safety. To supply LPG to an uncertified installation is illegal.
Contact GasRUs and we can put you into touch with a recommended local licensed gas fitter if required. Licensed gas fitters have a Queensland fitting license endorsing them to carry out gas fitting work. Customers are entitled to ask to see their licence before any work commences.